02 October 2006

"I think I'll build a boat for me and sail myself across the sea.....

.......coffee likes to chase the booze, booze it likes to chase the blues..." If you aren't listening to singer/songwriter Jackie Greene you should be. This California native has a depth and soul to his music that belies his 24 years on this planet. His slightly twangy voice, and his simple sounding guitar playing make his music easily accessible and pulls you in quickly. His first album "Sweet Somewhere Bound" is aptly titled and addresses longing, travel, and has a bluesy hint of southern comfort and a dusty, squeaky floored bar on a hot summer night. It's almost like you just walked in, ordered yourself a beer and he's on stage singing to you, and only you this crowded, happy place. His second album, "American Myth" has more of a rock feel than his first release but he maintains his soulful feel and presence. This guy has some good shi* going on!! I hope you check him out! www.myspace.com/jackiegreene

So while I did not build myself a boat for me I did sail across a sea to Alaska over the last 2 weeks (for more details visit Monday's in LA - link to the right). We started the trip with a drive inland up to Seattle through Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Crater Lake, and Portland. On the way back we drove down the coast through Washington, Oregon and much of California stopping in one of my favourite places, Mendocino. There was sensory overload of the beautiful kind, lots of picture taking and lots of time to think. I'm in a weird place right now as I contemplate my future. The major trip we had been planning for months, and is much of the reason I didn't walk away from LA after loosing my job has come and gone and I am left wondering 'what next?'.

I have diligently looked for a job for most of this year and have come up empty. In addition, I have reached out to 'contacts' who claimed they would help only to have my emails unanswered and obviously ignored. Needless to say I am frustrated, concerned about what will have to happen when unemployment runs out and disappointed in the people who offered their help. But that's LA for you I guess and maybe I should know better by now. She's the married mistress - around, yet shockingly unavailable. Just like many a songwriter in this town, I have written about her, pined for her, and come up empty. Perhaps I'm becoming a cliche. You know - all that stuff you hear about LA before you move here but you do it anyway thinking it won't be you. Then after years of banging your head against a wall and finding a dent here and there, you keep going. You keep hoping.

So here's the rub, as I approached the unknown, happy to stay or go, I approached my musician friend, Rebecca, to help me with a home-grown demo to be made here in my living room. It's turning into more of a production than I initially envisioned, happily so, and now with this time off, which perhaps is meant to be, I am embarking on a new project. Who knows what will come of it, but I do know that if a day job doesn't come along soon, my credit card will get very full, a truck will be in front of my building and this blog will have to be renamed "life in......."

Thanks for tuning in...Until next monday.....CHEERS!!

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