26 March 2007

If you knew I was loosing you would you find me? If you heard how I needed you would you run to the garden of Shilo?

Peter Himmelman is not someone I think most people have heard of. He’s not on the top ten radar, despite his interesting voice and well written songs, and he’s not in the tabloids as some jerky rock star. He’s a guy who has put out 21 albums over the years, including this year’s children’s CD, My Green Kite, but unless you are listening to any one of the eclectic internet radio stations out there, or paying attention to the music in the TV shows “Bones”, “Judging Amy” or “Men In Trees” you most likely have been missing out.

For the most part his music is your basic rock and roll with a little rap thrown in on a tune, “Prelude” from his 1994 album Skin: “I’m a wealthy guy who just happens to be fantastically handsome”. It’s clever, tongue in cheek and a fun song to listen to. But I think his strengths lie in his quieter more contemplative songs such as “Nowhere Else To Go”. “What to do with all these useless plans, that well up in my heart and overflow, I know it aint right and I’m at your door tonight but I got nowhere else to go”. The song highlights his scruffy voice and his melodic sweetness more than his rock stuff.

One of the cooler things about his songwriting as evidenced in the above mentioned “Shilo” (from Skin) and his song “Whispering Days” from 1991’s From Strength To Strength are the spiritual undertones in his music. “These mystical days and my faith can’t be broke… these are whispering days and the harbour is still, not surrendering any secrets now but tomorrow it will….I’ll sing it for you my lover these whispering days…”. It’s not preachy stuff, it’s just there , but it makes for songs you can listen to over and over and never get tired of because there is always something new to discover in every line he’s written.

Whether you like out and out rock or are looking for something a little deeper and more meaningful, you’ll find it on any given album of his, so find him and have yourself a listen! www.peterhimmelman.com

I spent another long 12 hour Sunday at the kiddie theatre yesterday – it was my eighth day in a row and I have 3 more to go before I get a day off and am essentially done with this show. I can’t wait! I’m very tired of these rude children and some of the parents that are attached to them who look at me like I’m a ghost, or are just out and out dismissive and rude themselves. Thankfully most of the parents are actually pretty cool and nice. They give us hugs, say thank you and it’s obvious they know how hard we all work to make a good show for their kids. Thank god for them or I might completely loose my cookies!

One of the cool things is the after-show people watching. Being that we are in Hollywood you never know who’s in the audience and yesterday Rosanna Arquette was in attendance. I have no idea why she was there – if she had a kid in the show, or if she even HAS kids….but she was there and not the politest of people. Not to nit pick, but I did hold the door open for her and she didn’t even say thank you. When later I needed to get by her, as I politely excused myself she gave me a dirty look and a bit of attitude. In all fairness it may be that I’m just tired and cranky and wasn’t in the mood to deal with anyone at that point so it may not have been all her. But still, there’s no reason not to at least be polite or congenial.

If she only knew that I don’t give a shit about her ‘star status’ (possibly B List status?) or her crappy show “What About Brian” – which if it never aired again wouldn’t be a loss – and if she only knew that the only thing I wanted to ask her was if that Toto song was really about her, than maybe she would have been more human. Who knows? Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe she should visit the garden of Shilo…hell…maybe I should!

Thanks for tuning in…Until next Monday….CHEERS!!!

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Abby said...

weird . . . for the past few weeks, i've been listening to a mix i made with "shilo" as it's first song. did i play you that mix or is this just one of life's interesting coincidences?