09 April 2007

I’ll be perfect in my own way, when you cry I will be there I’ll sing to you and comb your hair…

I can’t resist quoting my all time favourite Everything But The Girl (EBTG) song, “Apron Strings” from their 1988 album, Idylwild. Actually they (a duo comprised of Tracy Thorn and Ben Watt) are one of my all time favourite bands and a huge influence of mine. Most people, however, know them from their 1995 disco hit, “Missing” from Amplified Heart, not one of my favourite CD’s of theirs but a cool song nonetheless. One can only imagine my excitement the other day when I was listening to XM radio and on came a new song by, not EBTG, but the amazing Tracey Thorn. Out Of The Woods is her first solo project since 1982 and from what I can hear on her myspace page it’s pretty cool. www.myspace.com/traceythorn

Not since the late great Karen Carpenter has there been a voice as angelic as Tracey Thorn’s. It’s a silky smooth resonating voice that few can even comprehend of until they hear it.

While it’s hard to imagine her without Ben Watt, the songs on this CD are truly her own. While much of the CD seems to be along the lines of a mellow electronica dance mix (which I really like), the songs “Hands Up To The Ceiling” and “By Piccadilly Station” are quieter tunes that remind us of her softer more contemplative side. Either way, whether it’s a collaborative song with Ewan Pearson or Cagedbaby, whatever your mood, this work is just as relevant and amazing as her work with Ben Watt. I highly suggest you check it out because clearly she is more than Everything But The Girl.

I’m posting this late because it felt like a good day to mix up the morning routine. Usually I wake up every Monday and write this blog while drinking my coffee and having a bite to eat. Then I post it, go for a run and lately prepare for work or prepare to look for it. After a week off it felt time to go back to Solstice Canyon Park. This time, however, we managed to stay on the path, we didn’t get lost and so far I don’t have Poison Ivy.

I’m not sure I ever mentioned that after the last hike I got very ill because of that silly plant. I was hot during our hike so I unzipped the legs off my North Face pants thinking that it was chilly enough not to be concerned. And heck, why would I still even be allergic? Allergies run in seven year cycles, it’s been years since I’ve gotten it (or maybe years since I’ve been exposed) so I should be ok, right? NO.

It was a slow attack, in fact, I felt fine for a few days. An itch here, an itch there, but nothing major. Than, WHAM! All of a sudden my legs were on fire. I paid a heavy price for that lack of connecting the dots. I was in so much pain that I couldn’t sleep for a week despite creams, lotions, 3 salt baths a day and countless other tricks. I was in pain, I was cranky, I was in HELL. It was stupid and it was my fault. I should have rubbed my legs with baby wipes when I got back to the car, run home and jumped in the shower, just to be safe. NOPE. I should have known better. I’m not super-human, I’m clearly not immune and I’M clearly STILL FREAK’N ALLERGIC!!

This morning I took the last of my ‘medication’, Rhus Tox (you can find it at Whole Foods) that I succumbed to ingesting, 3 times a day, after a week of getting worse not better. It saved my life and it saved me from having to take steroids as I’ve had to do in the past. Today’s hike was a ‘facing my demon, getting back on the horse’ victory of sorts. Not only did we hike up and down 6 miles of terrain, I never once unzipped my legs despite the sweat pouring out of me, I didn’t touch any plants I shouldn’t, and I rushed home after a trip to the beach to jump in the shower. Hmmm…maybe I’m not too old to learn new tricks after all. Of course we’ll see how I feel next week ;).

Thanks for tuning in…Until next Monday…CHEERS!

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