21 January 2008

Tell the sky don’t fall on me….

I’m not sure why this happens but when I tell people I listen to classical music nearly every day they seem surprised. They look at me, somewhat perplexed, and tilt their heads and say ‘huh’. I think perhaps because of the music I’m likely to have playing on my computer either at home or work they think I’m not attuned to listening to any other kind of music; or they read my blog and make their assessments based on what they read. What few people don’t know is that more often than not I put the local classical station on at night before I go to bed, or in the car, or anytime I’m so inclined – which is as it turns out about once a day.

When I was growing up I was surrounded by people who not only listened to classical music, but were opera trained singers and actors. More often than not after - dinner - listening in the living room revolved around classical music and/or opera. While I wasn’t always in the room when that was going on – sometimes it was so loud it was hard to miss. Thankfully the house was big enough that I could, if I wanted to, escape and go play my drums (imagine the polarity of THAT night). Either way, what was instilled in me was a love of classical music, some operas and when it came time to study music it was the obvious choice. Start at the beginning and go from there. Classical music for me is something that I use for relaxation, something that reminds me of my family, and a tool that I use for my writing. When I’m feeling less than inspired I drown myself in it and let everything go. I’m told that if you know what you are listening to you can even hear the influence in my music.

So began yesterday, Sunday, after a day of tears and walking the beach on Saturday feeling the anniversary of my mother’s death, I lay in bed, not wanting to move. It is rare for me to not want to get out of bed. I have to either be sick or sicker. But it was an unexpected way to spend the morning. Perhaps it was Abby bringing me coffee in bed (yeah – I know – and I too love the band Squeeze so don’t think I didn’t chuckle when I saw her bringing me my travel mug full of hot, not so black coffee) or maybe it was the emotional hangover from the previous day, or simply the fact that it was Sunday and it was quiet for a change, but it was a nice change of pace. After about a half an hour of enjoying the silence I flipped on the Bose and put my favourite classical station on – KUSC. To my lovely surprise they had on a gorgeous choral program and very little talk. As we lay around drinking morning beverages, eating breakfast and chatting the music added to the calm and the feeling of a brand new day. It was so peaceful, slowing down, and letting the morning sink step by step upon us.

After the choral program they shifted gears and played some Baroque – a favourite genre of mine – and I heard some Johann Pachelbel I had never heard before (a sonata in G). It’s always a cool thing to hear someone’s music that doesn’t often get played in the radio. Of course if you listen to it carefully you can hear that it’s his work. Since most musicians favour certain notes it’s an easy connection to make and a refreshing one at that. Basically, it was a prefect morning that was enhanced by some new sounds (including a version of “Amazing Grace” I’d never heard before), some old sounds and some inspirational juice. I highly suggest you start off your Sunday that way sometime soon. Because in the hectic world we live in – with all the noise and chatter – sometimes you have to let the world fall down.

Speaking of the world falling down - rude awakening moment of the week: this morning at 7.20 the construction started next door and not just a little banging but MAJOR saws, hammering and yelling. I called the LAPD at 7.50 and was told by the dispatcher that they were not allowed to work on a holiday. When I called at 9 – I was told they were. I wish the police would get their stories straight or at least know the laws they are sworn to protect. Needless to say the yahoos next door are still at it and show no signs of giving us all a break today. I hope their world falls down on them.

Thanks for tuning in….Until next week….CHEERS!!

PS. This week's title is from REM's "Fall On Me"

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