17 March 2008

Everywhere you go always take the weather with you…

Crowded House and the Finn Brothers are admittedly two of my favourite bands/gathering of great musicians. Separately and together both Neil and Tim Finn are amazing and adroit writers. Their careers are too long and their albums too numerous to discuss – but suffice it to say – they are incredible and each offers up their own view of the world that I really connect to. They are exemplary players and complete musicians. I bow down to them daily and aspire to be as good as they are at expressing my view of the happenings around me. Oh that I were 1/3 of what they are or that ANYONE was 1/3 of what they are – if they were the state of the music industry would be in a better place – full of talent and not just image and one hit wonders. www.crowdedhouse.com

Perhaps even the weather of the times would be different as well and people would be paying attention and noticing the rhetoric that is blinding so many. In fact, I wonder sometimes if anyone but the people around me are noticing the conflicting statements of a certain Male Presidential candidate who happens to be a Democrat. How can people buy this crap? Don’t they pay attention to his actual words? Doesn’t anyone take ANYTHING at face value anymore? If they did they might notice that some people don’t do as they say, but merely ‘say’ and then do something else entirely. How can you buy a nearly $800,000 house and then claim not to be privileged or rich, but be among the commoners? How do you not know how much a corrupt business partner of yours has donated to your campaign so much so that your initial statement is nearly $100k off what you NOW say is the ‘correct’ amount? Am I not wrong in thinking that there’s a HUGE difference between $150k and $250k? If you don’t know this than I question how in touch you actually are and I also wonder what else you are conveniently forgetting. Clearly you are forgetting the sermons your trusted pastor has given over the course of 20 plus years. Or maybe you weren’t paying attention – which begs so many other questions. Selective memory anyone?

Needless to say my hands are up in the air in frustration over the many discrepancies that have come to light in recent weeks. I know – Hillary isn’t perfect either and I know she’s made her mistakes – but at least she’s been consistent in maintaining her position in recent months. For instance, why is it ok for you to play the race card and use it to your advantage yet criticize Hillary for appealing to woman? Use what you’ve got – isn’t that part of politicking? What was wrong with Geraldine Ferraro pointing that out? All she said was essentially that if it weren’t for the black voters you wouldn’t be where you are. Well – she’s got a point. You’ve inspired so many to get out and vote and for that I’m grateful – you have opened some doors to democracy that many have been fearful to walk through – and now they are walking. But why is it a crime for that to be pointed out? Why attack someone for applauding you and stating what so many others are thinking? My head is spinning from your indecisions and your waffling Mr. Obama. I’m guessing you are a very nice man, intelligent, well read, you are certainly well spoken, you adore your family, and you’d be a great guy to have a beer with but c’mon – get a grip and stop bullshitting people. Say it, do it, be it and get your weather report straight – stop telling people it’s sunny when the rain of shit is pouring on your head.

On that note – some random thoughts for the week:

a) Why do people in LA say ‘now that the weather is getting better I’m going to get out more’? When has it been bad? When has it been below 60 degrees during the day? OY!

b) It seems my Uncle Stretch, my Aunt’s husband of many years – is not doing well with his lung cancer – if you’re reading this – send your good vibes, your prayers, your well wishes – anything you can muster – down to Arkansas – he needs them and so does my Aunt. It’s been a long road and it may not get any better….

c) My dear friend Julie is playing an important gig this Friday – she’s in the finals for a ‘battle of the bands’ competition – if you’re in LA – check it and her out: www.julieneumark.com

d) Don’t get the flu that’s going around – it sucks.

e) I know we are nation of ‘overbese’ people (I made that up – overweight + obese) but it’s not a crime to eat that mac and cheese every once in awhile. There’s a lot to be said for ‘comfort food’ as long as you don’t comfort yourself too much.

f) If you’d like to help build a new EMS station somewhere you’ve probably never been go to:

And finally….as my Dad says: ‘the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude’. So don’t loose your cookies (that you shouldn’t be eating anyway) the next time you’re on a road trip and you get lost – think of it as having an unforeseen opportunity to see a whole other part of the world you wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

Thanks for tuning in….Until next week…CHEERS!!

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