07 April 2008

Today has been a day filled with heartaches but tonight I'll be happy again…

You can’t go wrong with Loretta Lynn. Even though I don’t consider myself to be a country music fan I can’t ignore it’s relevance and importance. There are times, indeed, when the heartache oft referenced in their lyrics hits the nail on the head and strikes a deep chord. Maybe it’s the dust, the dirt, the gritty feeling under the nails of those who write the songs that truly allow the expression of the pain that we can all feel.

Certainly Jay Lee Webb, who wrote “Today Has Been A Day” way back in 1966, has captured how I’m feeling today and no doubt Loretta Lynn, in a way that only she can, put more heartache into the song. It’s a two way street; you have great lyrics, but you need a great artist to hit the homerun and no matter how I feel about country music as a genre (odd considering I lived in North Carolina and Tennessee as a child before moving to Connecticut), there’s no denying that Loretta Lynn hits a homerun every time she opens her mouth.

Thanks for tuning in…Until next week…CHEERS!!

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Abby said...

Yee haw for strong women! Men can't always take 'em, but man do we need 'em! Nobody messes with Loretta!