08 May 2006

Mother's Day

It's been 6 Mother's Day’s since I’ve given a shit. 6 Mother's Days of avoiding the Hallmark Card aisle. If you know me, and are reading this you know why. If you don’t know me I will explain, though I’m sure it's quite obvious; my mother died unexpectedly 6 years ago. While in a linear sense it seems to be a bit of a time ago, emotionally it feels like yesterday. Even though I know this is a day created by a card company, it’s not an easy time, especially since my mothers birthday follows within 2 weeks. But LA is a strange place, which I think makes it easier, if it can be. ‘Holiday’s’ such as St. Patty’s day and Mother's and Father's Day aren’t observed the same way they are back east. St. Patty’s day is hardly noticeable out here, while back east it can last an entire weekend such as I had the pleasure to re-experience in March. I sat in a bar in Canaan, CT. where while no one knew our names, we were invited to join in the St. Patty’s Day celebration. This doesn't happen in LA. People here don’t care about strangers, and they don’t often include the people they do know.

Many people I think come out here to escape their families and therefor days like Mother's Day and Father's Day don’t carry the same weight. It’s truly a shame, even though I’m sure people have their reasons. I was lucky, my mother was my best friend and we never hung up the phone without saying I Love You - those were, in fact, the last words I heard her speak. I cherish those last words, and when she was alive we celebrated Mother's Day - many of them, somehow, some way, and as I got older, nearly every day of her life. Maybe that’s how it should be, families, parents especially, aren't perfect, but still we love them, and feel like dying when they leave us for, I hope, a better place. So whether you buy your mom a card this week, or any week, tell her you love her and be glad you still have her to love, fight with, or even dislike. I’d give anything not to love a ghost and not to hate Mother’s Day.

Thanks for tuning in....until next monday...Cheers!!!

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