29 May 2006

Wise Men Say......

So everyone is writing about Memorial Day....a day that is hard to ignore considering all that is going on in this world. As someone who is not working I'm not thinking about it as a long weekend. But I am thinking about where we are today. Where this country is and where it is going. I think too often people forget about history, patterns, and the things that got us where we are at this moment. One thing that got us here - in a war that many people (including myself) don't support - is the fact that our President told the U.N. to F*** off when they told him they don't support attacking Iraq. He did it anyway. I wonder if this guy every studied history...you don't have to go that far back to see where our country has gone awry when getting involved in a 'military coup'.

It's a very thin line. You don't want to wallow in your past, but you don't want to forget, either. It is up to each person to decide where that line is, how much to remember, honour, and respect those that have gone before. How many moments in a given day that we spend reflecting is a very individualistic part of our internal process. The past teaches us so much if we allow it to. How else do we know how to move forward in any given situation? I know I can't eat crab because once I spent an entire day loosing many meals, and scratching my arms because I had crab for lunch. I never order crab anymore. I learned my lesson. Quickly.

I live in a city that is an architects wet dream as once told to me by an architect friend. We tear down beautiful old buildings and put up crap at every turn. What we get is overpriced, poorly built dreck (no offense, friend). This city does not respect its past - how else can we tear down the very hotel where RFK was killed? Amazing. This city doesn't view history as something to learn from because it is 'so yesterday'!!!! Who Cares, right?

I care. Deeply. Because no matter what side of that line you are on in any given moment, history has shown us that you can't go forward if you don't know where you've been. If you don't know where you've been, how can you move forward without the lessons learned from the past? I'll say it. I don't like where our country is going. I think it's because some key people have chosen to ignore the great people who have gone before, the wisdom they imparted on us, and the sometimes stupid decisions that have been made by other lesser people who also chose to ignore history.

Thanks for tuning in.....until next monday......Cheers!

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