19 June 2006

Seems like everyone's got a plan

You know you’ve lived in LA too long when someone you used to work with now has a TV show on Bravo. Yep. It’s happened. She was a writer’s assistant, I was a PA and it was my first job in LA (the one where I worked for the late Scott Brazil). I left the job before the show got canceled, not being more than friendly coworkers, we lost in touch. Years later I ran into her at my gym. She was working towards being a Personal Trainer. We chatted, caught up, and I applauded her for getting out of the industry as I do with all that I find out are brave enough to run away from the circus.

Then last week as I sat on the couch catching up on Tivo’d items, and blowing my nose until the cows strolled home (they still haven’t btw) I saw her in an ad for a new show. For some reason it struck me, not just seeing a familiar face on a screen, since this wasn’t the first time, (several of my college friends/acquaintances have gone on to some healthy success) but the idea that I had once lauded her for ‘getting out’. It made me wonder, is everyone here to get a TV deal? She seemed so happy to have ‘escaped’ when I ran into her at the gym. Now here she was in my living room. Did she get lucky? Was it one of those things where it was too good a deal to pass up and thus she was pulled ‘back in’? Or was it her intention all along, though she made it seem as if she earnestly was happy to have run away from the circus. I’ll never know the answers to these questions since until last week I hadn’t seen her in years. But I wonder. I wonder for myself, and for anyone I know who is here. Was Shawn Mullins right when he observed that ‘it seems like everyone’s got a plan’?

Thanks for tuning in.....Until next monday......Cheers!

PS. A special shout-out: My friend’s band - The Teenage Prayers are playing this thurs. 22 June at The Viper Room - 9.30p. www.teenageprayers.com

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