26 June 2006

Shake your head and wonder

Wow. I'm beat. It's been a very busy last 4 days. I won't bore you with all the details but I will say I had a blast! Thursday night I did a very LA thing and went to see my friend's most awesome band - The Teenage Prayers - at The Viper Room. It's a place that is probably more well known for who died there than for the up and coming bands who play there but it was my first show after all these years of living only blocks away and it was very cool! Not the 'I'm too cool for you' cool but the 'you don't feel like you're in a trendy LA bar' cool. I had flashes of feeling like I was in a dive bar in the West Village. The band totally rocked, the sound mix was good, and people were surprisingly unpretentious. It wasn't what I expected.

As I sit here 'shaking my head and wondering' (thanks Shawn Colvin) I realize this last weekend wasn't what I expected either. After driving up with my recently met, very cool, east coast neighbours up to San Francisco, and spending the weekend with many strangers, I am totally beat and pleasantly surprised. It was one of those unplanned, last minute, fly by the seat weekends. Everywhere I turned there were awesome people. It started the minute I walked in from my 8 1/2 hour drive up and into a stranger's house (I stayed with Robert, a friend of Sara's) and felt totally welcomed, comfy, and part of everything. Even the amazing neighbours upstairs and their friends took me in the next morning, bagel'd me up, coffee'd my veins and let me tag along. Maybe it was the special nature of a whole city having a party, maybe it was being in one of my favourite city's that put me in a particularly sociable mood, or maybe people up in San Fran are more my speed. Either way it was a blast and I want to send this week's blog out to my neighbours and all the very cool 'you don't feel like you're in a trendy LA bar' people I met this past weekend! If any of you ever read this I want you to know how much I appreciate our conversations, our long walks and how welcome you made me feel. Thank you all!!!!

Thanks for tuning in.....Until next monday......Cheers!

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