21 August 2006

Before I leave you again, before the light of the dawn...

I took Suz to the airport very early on tuesday morning, way too early, in fact. My traveling companion, fellow adventurer, and very dearest of friend is now in NY on her way back to Scotland. I feel a little empty as I write this, not knowing what lays ahead, and hoping only for the best for us both. It's funny, she's spent the last 10 1/2 months traversing the oceans and lands of this world yet still we find ourselves in the same place. Both of us unsure of our respective futures, both of us not knowing what adventures are yet to be had. It's a cool thing, though, what my Dad has told me since I was a wee kid. As we packed the canoe for our week long camping trips to some unknown island in the middle of Lake Ouachita, or paddled the Mississippi at midnight, he always said 'whatever happens, for good or bad, it's still an adventure and if you remember that you'll always be okay.'

So here I am sad for her departure, grateful for my most amazing friend, and for a bucketful of memories we made these last 2 weeks. She's not only amazing because she reached out to me and really got me through those 2 years after my mom and my last grandparents died, but because she did what we all should do. Go see the world, go sleep on a cot in Thailand, or simply visit the friends you haven't seen in far too many years. You'll be glad you did. Life is too short not to make every day an adventure. Thanks Suz for reminding me of that, and thanks Dad for giving me the tools to recognize what every day can be!

So before I leave you again, before the light of the dawn, as Billy Joel wrote too many years ago....go ahead....book that flight or pack the car and get the hell out of dodge!!!!

Thanks for tuning in...Until next Monday...CHEERS!!!

PS. On another note: This past week LA bid adieu to it's one and only Country station, KZLA, which was turned into some kind of noisy commercial - laden dreck. While I'm not a fan, Abby is, and for her I'll shed a tear as we are faced with one more less interesting spot on the dial. R.I.P. KZLA.....

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