28 August 2006

Before this evening can end....

It's after 10p. Sunday night and the helicopters are still buzzing around. I can barely hear myself think and even if I wanted to sleep I couldn't. It's Emmy night (or rather ANY awards night) in L.A. and god forbid you want some peace and quiet. After having a couple of drinks at The Abbey - the local watering hole - with Abby and our friend Rebecca - I admit I've got the munchies so I indulge and allow the chips to soak up a food - less dinner while I rest my tired dogs. But I digress. Really the point of this is to say that it's very strange living so close to all this Emmy action and not actually being a part of any of it. Or am I?

As the 3 of us discussed politics, our respective places in this world, my upcoming birthday and world peas [intentional misspelling] we people watched and for a few hours forgot that it was Emmy night. But then we walked up Santa Monica Boulevard towards our respective homes and it was very clear - as limos flew by and helicopters hovered we walked around the neighbourhood going about our business while secretly hoping we weren't the ones walking. You see, we all live behind 'restaurant row' and this is one of the areas where 'stars' and their people come to party.

Rebecca headed home and as the helicopters continued (the Emmy's were actually over by this time since everyone sees it live but us) Abby and I walked down to Melrose Place hoping to catch some bit of the Entertainment Weekly party. We had seen them setting up for the shindig, noting that the place we wanted to go for lunch on Saturday had been turned into a press runway. Our hopes, however, were quickly dashed as everything had been struck - it must have been a pre party we mused, not knowing since we aren't in the Know.

After we strolled through the 'hood, watched more limos and listened to more helicopters, we headed back to my place and watched the Tivo'd Emmy's. Which, if you really think about it is double taped because, as I said before, they don't air live here, and I've got that 30 minute 'live' delay going...and I've still got the munchies, I'm a little buzzed and for some reason I'm writing this blog. But why not, right? It's not like I have a party to go to, right? All I can do is sit here, watch the TV, feel disappointed because Peter Krause lost the best actor award, and listen to the damned helicopters as they stalk the famous winners and losers of the night. Huh.....just like everyone else.

Thanks for tuning in...Until next Monday...CHEERS!!!

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