02 June 2008

…I sit there by myself sipping a coke movie stars are making love and my heart is broken say I been Missing You….

As you all know every once in awhile I’ll talk not about a whole CD but a song that is somehow stuck in my brain or otherwise possessing me – today it’s Hawaiian native John Cruz’ “Missing You”. Not only is the song infectious, but it’s simple and sweet like fresh pineapple from a roadside stand on Kamehameha Highway on the island of Oahu. The delicate guitar playing and his pained voice combine to make a truly touching song about loss and longing. Sure, nothing new – but the way this guy presents it is somehow more real and direct than the average tune about love and heartbreak. The scaled down production with few added instruments save for an accordion and minimalist backing vocals added to the way he uses the language as if he were talking to you and not singing a song make it a more personal endeavor and thusly easier to get inside his head. We’ve all been alone in a movie theatre aching for the one we just lost but not all of us write a song like this. It’s mellow like an island breeze, yet catchy like a gust of wind on your sails as you come about in your skiff.

“Lying all alone late at night in my bed was all full of feelings had pictures of you in my head, I was thinking about the springtime you and me on the beach my heart was open I held out my hand but you didn’t even reach. All dressed up nowhere to go I go to the movies theatre is so cold, I sit there by myself sipping a coke movie stars are making love and my heart is broken say I been Missing You…last time I saw you I was so confused, things that I thought had I found out I could loose but I don’t want to be demanding, babe, I wouldn’t do that to you, I walked away from outside your window watching you ‘til quarter past 2….”

Seriously – check this guy out – you might think that Jack Johnson has a lock on that mellow surfer music but John Cruz takes it up a notch and has more of that island feel with a modern bent. Less Don Ho – more Patty Griffin. www.myspace.com/johncruzmusic

Allright – so why all the Hawaii references? It’s because Abby and I went to Oahu over Memorial Day weekend. She found a great deal with a cheap flight, the flea baggiest of flea bag motels, and we upgraded to a Wrangler at 2am when we finally arrived. I say finally because after 6 flights on American Airlines from 5 May until 23 May – all of which were delayed I will never fly them again – not if I plan on maintaining any kind of schedule where I’m headed or hoping that the restaurant will still be serving when we finally arrive. Yeah – lame! But at least we got there!

As expected the weekend was amazing! We hiked a 6 mile trail to a waterfall, swam every chance we got and drove on some roads we missed the last time we were there. We even got to stand in the rain and watch the clouds roll on over. It was three days of seafood, cheap coffee and 400 miles on the road including a stopover where we were privileged enough to watch a mother and a baby sea turtle frolicking in the surf. One of the best moments on any road trip is when a great song comes on the radio and everyone in the car or well – both of us in this case – just jam and scream our lungs out. That happened after we ate our 2nd plate in 2 days of shrimp (fair warning: they don’t clean them over there so be prepared to work for your meal – worth it because it’s probably the best shrimp you’ll eat anywhere) as we headed down the road – windows off the jeep – wind in our hair and salt water burning our skin – one of those all time great songs came on the radio and the afternoon was made. The other moment was again when we were in the car and Abby really heard “Missing You” for the first time. Sure I’d played it for her but somehow when you’re in a jeep in a tropical place with mountains and the ocean in the air and the road is out in front of you it just clicks. I’m guessing she’ll never forget it now. Nor will we forget our awesome Hawaiian weekend though next time I think we’ll head back to The Hyatt. Here are some pictures since they can say so more than words. And oh yeah, Hawaii, I'm missing you....

Thanks for tuning in….until next time….CHEERS!!

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Abby said...

neat dude! nice pics! i downloaded the song . . . forgot to tell you! also, i think it's funny that you didn't mention the name of the song we jammed out to post-shrimp. Wemoweh!!!