25 April 2006

the last cool day

17 Apr 06 Monday

Oh yeah, its time!!! Bring on the HEAT!!! Hi Folks!!!! Today is the last cool day for this week....its sunny, chilly (in the mid 60's) and I had an awesome run because of it. While most people move here for the weather (or the 'industry') I, however, did not. Nearly 9 years later I'm still trying to figure out why I'm here. I know I needed a change of pace from Boston, and NY where I grew up, needing to see other newscasters besides Sue Simmons and Chuck Scarborough. What did I get in exchange? People with fake tans and fake hair and names like Dallas Raines (is that his real name?!?! I spend way too much time wondering), and Johnny Mountain (I won't even go there!). Yep, I'm talking about the weather forcasters. Somewhat of an oxymoron here in Southern California. What exactly are they forcasting? Chilly (they call that winter here) and freakin' Hot!!! AKA the remaining 8 months of the year. These guys get paid alot of money to 'warn' us about 'winter' storms - meaning they are predicting an ounce of rain, and extreme, smog inducing heat. Amazing....because if you have ever been here during the 'winter', or currently live here you know what I mean. THIS, the chilly, 60's during the day, 40's at night, is the COOLEST, most beautiful time of the year. Its so clear you can see the windows on the houses on the Hollywood Hills. The air is crisp, the shadows cooler and the sun is like a blanket on your shoulders at a ski lodge in New Hampshire. I feel human during these months even tho I long for a real winter. Yep, I miss shoveling snow just enough to get my saab out of its space, I miss needing a reason to stay in because of the nor'easter about to hit, and I miss sitting in a sun-filled window reading once the snow has landed....In the meantime, I love this chilly weather we have in LA - I relish it in fact and am sad to see it blowing away like the tail winds on a long sail just before a storm....I feel clean, I feel energetic, and I FEEL COOL!!!!!!! Thanks for reading & so long until next monday.....

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