25 April 2006

to flake or not to flake...that is the question! or is it?

10 Apr 06 Monday

So here it is...another cloudy day in LA...i should probably be writing a song about it instead of writing this blog....but this is fun! I'm in my window again, tired from a weekend of throwing a yard sale, moving heavy items around and being in the unforgiving sun. Despite the numerous applications of 60 SPF I still got a wee sunburn and dealt with some weird people who showed up to buy my junk. This one guy said we were late - the ad said it started at 10a - it was 9.59 at that moment. Go figure. Than there were the people who said 'nice stuff' but didnt buy anything or would ask 'how much?', shrug when answered like it was too much, and not even TRY to haggle - even tho the prices were more than fair. Oh yeah - then about an hour after having a conversation with my neighbour about how, she claimed, people in LA don't flake, her roomie came out - asked us to put aside 2 shelves for later, than never came back to get, nevermind pay for them. We lost out on 3 sales because we were nice, trusting and truthful by holding them for her. She never even left a note of explanation on my door that she walks by several times a day...and people in LA don't flake? Go figure. Time for me to go back to my hole....until next time!

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