03 July 2006

You had a bad day.....

Lets face it, I don’t know about you, but life as we know it ended last week. Yes, the world has collapsed around us and no one will ever be the same. You know what I’m talking about - we all know. It’s true. Star has left The View. Her abrupt announcement of her future departure this last tuesday, despite what the network asked her to do, wait until a well-timed thursday, left the television world in shambles. It not only took Barbara Walters, and ABC by surprise, the rest of us were shocked as well. What happened? What went wrong? Why?!?!?! I lost sleep asking myself these very questions. She tells People Magazine (and anyone who will listen) that she felt as if she was ‘fired’ and that she wasn't respected. So what does she do? She DISSES BABS!!!!! You felt as if you were fired?!?!? Boo F***** HOO!!!!! I got news for you fatty, this shit happens ALL the time! You weren’t fired, your contract simply wasn’t renewed because your numbers were down. BIG DIFFERENCE.

I asked my father, who was in television news for much of his career, what he thought. He told me a story about an old friend and coworker who was fired, yes, really fired, because someone had spread a rumour that he was gay. The truth was, he was happily married with children. This was the early 70’s so shit like this happened, unfortunately. He was called into the General Manager’s office after the local paper published the unfounded story, then shown the door by an armed guard after he cleaned out his desk. THIS is being fired. He told my Dad he was retreating back to his home state of Alaska for awhile to get his head together. Yeah, he got it together, in his car, at the bottom of a cliff with a note left behind saying that he felt he’d let his wife down because his career was now ruined. THAT is a tragedy.

Star having to leave The View, and her cushy paycheck behind, after she spent more on her ‘wedding’ than most of us will make in a lifetime, is just another pothole in the long and winding road of television. It’s life. Plenty of people get ‘fired’ or laid off, or simply don’t have their contracts renewed. Why she thinks this is such a great tragedy and that we are all supposed to shed a tear for her ‘injustice’ is beyond me. My only hope is that whatever offers she had on the table from other networks have been rescinded. If she pulled this crap on ABC, and the venerable Barbara Walters, what do you think she’ll do to you? In the meantime, Star, as my ex used to say in a fake Boston accent, ‘have anotha jelly donut!’.

Thanks for tuning in...Until next Monday...CHEERS!!!

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abby said...

moral of story: you eff with baba wawa and you never eat lunch in this town again.