28 May 2007

At first when I see you cry it makes me smile….

The other day I was watching the “Today Show” – it was Friday and they were kicking off their summer music series with an appearance by Blondie. As a long time fan (how could you not like them?) I was very excited to see three of the original members on stage – including, of course, the inimitable Debbie Harry – who at sixty three is probably one of the hottest women in Rock ‘N Roll. They were on the show to promote their upcoming re-release of Eat To The Beat on DVD and digitally remastered CD – out on 26 June.

Even at 8.45a they were on their game – Debbie Harry can still sing with the best of them. So she did – maybe not the best but certainly one of today’s more interesting new talents, Lily Allen (I love her CD Alright, Still and if you haven’t checked it out it’s a fun mix of reggae and pop music – really awesome). On stage to sing a duet of “Heart Of Glass” mid way through the set I was completely blown away. WOW! There was something so cool about the two of them together – old torch – new torch – what you heard was not only a timeless song but a timeless meeting of talents and for anyone who has ever doubted Lily Allen’s ability to sing live (not me, ever, by the way) than all your doubts would surely be erased - it was a great duet! http://youtube.com/watch?v=F3U_sVIIJqs

A few weeks ago I wrote my blog about Hugh Grant and his bean throwing incident justly aimed at the paparazzi. It got me thinking and got me feeling a little nagged as well. How do I contribute to the furthering of these useless photographers careers of stalking the famous and infamous? I know how. Over the last year I have been reading a couple of the online websights that publish these silly pictures of women’s crotches as they get out of a limo, or take their kids to school, or are drunk as they leave a party (horrors!!). Well, last week one of them (I won’t dare name the sight as I don’t wish to publicize further the lameness that is them) published a picture of Sharon Stone on a boat at Cannes – showing her backside. I admit I’d love to see Sharon Stone in a bathing suit - having seen her in person at an airport she’s just as beautiful on person as on screen. But what got to me was the caption under the picture – some bitchy, queeny comment about the cottage cheese on her upper back thighs. I was really bothered by the comment and thought that it went too far because if I look as good as she does at her age I’ll find religion – and fast! I realized that that’s all that guy does – he posts pictures of the stars and does nothing but write nasty, mean things about the people in them. Rarely does he, or any of the other sites, post anything nice.

As I checked his site again Friday morning, as I’ve done nearly every day for the last year I found I’d had it. I deleted the web address from my browser. I felt good. I felt freed. I felt like less of a fraud. How can I condemn the photographers who take the nasty pictures so that other nasty’s can post nasty comments when I read the blogs that post this crap? As I watched the film “Georgia Rule” Friday afternoon I found myself thinking of the ugly comments I’d read about Lindsey Lohan on one of these blogs. My viewing of her performance was clouded – unjustly so because she was, as usual, excellent in this role – and I knew I’d made the right decision. No matter what her personal troubles may be – she’s a hell of an actress who has more talent in her little pinky than the nasty’s who write those blogs that get off on smiling while others cry.

On this Memorial Day I’d like to give a shout out to our troops (my cousin being one of them) – I hope you know how much you are appreciated – now lets get those yahoos in Washington to end this silliness so you can all come home.

Thanks for tuning in….Until next Monday…CHEERS!!

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