14 May 2007

Blame it on fate, blame it on blind love….

I was at a loss for what to write about today…my brain is encompassed by many thoughts about how/what to do with the EP baby I’ve just given birth to. While it isn’t officially born yet – that will happen later this week when I pick up the CD’s I’m having made – but still it’s almost here (by the way, copies will be available for purchase at cdbaby.com in the next couple of weeks). So I gave Abby a shout and she suggested the following: do what a lot of bloggers have done – put your ipod on random and write down the first ten songs that play – no cheating! Since this is a music and life review blog it made sense – it tells you something about my life and my music. Here is what came up (artist, song, album title):

Michael Penn, “18 September”, Mr. Hollywood, Jr. 1947
Sheryl Crow, “All I Wanna Do”, Teusday Night Music Club
Joan Armatrading, “Prove Yourself”, Live – All The Way From America
Fleetwood Mac, “You Make Loving Fun”, The Dance
Butterfly Boucher, “Life Is Short”, Flutterby
Jules Shear with Roseanne Cash, “Who’s Dreaming Who”, Between Us
Missy Higgins, “Katie”, The Sound Of White
Coldplay, “Talk”, Greatest Hits Coldplay
Idina Menzel, “Follow If You Leave”, The Other Sister soundtrack
Mazzy Star, “She’s My Baby”, So Tonight That I Might See

While the list does not nearly encompass all the music that I listen to (I have jazz, opera, classical, and electronica to name a few other genre’s) – in fact the ten songs that came after the first ten were almost more diverse (Lisa Loeb, Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Fastball, Kate Bush, Steve Forbert, Bread, Alanis Morrisette, Pete Yorn). Overall it’s a pretty good sample, though, and hopefully has given you some insight into the kind of stuff I listen to among the 7,945 songs in my ipod. And no, the Jude Cole song I quoted in today’s title never came up…I can you can blame it on fate....maybe next time.

Thanks for tuning in…Until next Monday…CHEERS!!

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Abby said...

funny that 2 of your 10 songs are from MY collection . . . you know, since you credit yourself with a lot of my musical discoveries . . .