07 May 2007

You catch me, I am tired, I want all that you are…..

Tanita Tikaram is perhaps best known for her 1988 hit song “Twist In My Sobriety” from her debut CD Ancient Heart. Since that debut she has lived in relative obscurity while releasing seven albums – the latest, Sentimental, in 2005. It’s hard for me to imagine what happened to her in the last 19 years or so. For some reason the world did not find her follow up work to be as interesting or perhaps her best was already behind her. I don’t buy that theory. Though I will say my favourite song is “Cathedral Song” from the above -mentioned quote – also on Ancient Heart. It’s a beautiful tune about seeing someone from a distance, chasing after them, falling in love and falling apart. As I listen to the CD today I find it’s a timeless piece of work. Not many can say that about music they released when they were just nineteen. It’s an emotional, angst-filled collection of songs that irrespective of age and time still resonate.

I admit I have not been following her career lately and until I thought to write about her this week I wasn’t even sure she was still putting out CD’s. To be honest, I lost touch with her new music after her Lovers In The City release in 1995. I feel bad. She is a very talented poetess with a husky, deep voice that hits you right in the middle of your chest like a bass drum. And if you sit down and read her lyrics (or really listen closely) you find a spiritually enlightened soul who like the rest of us is trying to make sense of the world. She’s a pretty cool artist and I hope she makes more music. I also hope I’m smart enough to follow her career from this day forward and not let her releases slip through my hands and go unnoticed. Check her out at www.myspace.com/tikaramp

As of today it’s official. NUMB will be finished. I say ‘will be’ because I’ve spent the last four days remixing two songs that needed some extra care and today is the last day for me to work on it before I go to get it mastered and designed tomorrow. I made an appointment that I am ready to keep. It’s time to put this to bed, lay it to rest, let it go and move on. These last tweaks I’m making I believe will truly enhance these two songs and make them better. I got some feedback in the last few days that suggest that it’s the right thing to do. One last pass, one last adjustment, and one last time to drive myself crazy.

It’s hard in some ways to let it go. I know I will always hear these tunes and find more places that I could make better or add a lick or two. It’s part of the process of creativity and putting something in stone, or rather CD. It’s permanent. It’s work that I will be judged by and hopefully will move my career forward or at least in another direction. You see, I don’t need to be a ‘rock star’, though I love performing, indeed I would be very happy selling these songs to other artists or even producing other artists. In the meantime it’s been a long seven months of nights, weekends, and coordination. It’s been nearly non stop this whole time save for some well needed trips home, to Alaska, and Utah. There have been mistakes made, headaches to no end and it’s been one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve stretched my brain, my hands, and my confidence.

Now the fun begins….I’ve written the liner notes and am very excited about what the CD will look like. I can’t wait to see what John at The Dupe will come up with and what he’ll make of the pictures I bring in. All I know is I’m tired and I’m ready. I’m ready for the next phase, the next steps and I can’t wait to get people’s feedback on this work that I’m very proud of. I hope they like it, I hope they love it and I hope they’ll want to hear more! If you’d like to check out a slice of NUMB I’ve posted two songs online: www.myspace.com/laraschuler

Thanks for tuning in….Until next Monday…CHEERS!!

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