10 July 2006

Closer I am to fine....

No, I'm not getting all religious on you folks.....I was just thinking about that summer night in 1988 when my best friend, Xandra, and I drove up to Yale to see this then little known guitar - playing duo called the Indigo Girls (Amy Ray and Emily Saliers). It was a gorgeous, clear night on the Yale green - one of my favourite places to see a summer show, and it was a relatively small crowd of about 100/150 or so. As the cool breeze blew off the Atlantic, and we sat on the grass the show was hot . They were simply amazing! When Emily sang about being born a Yankee the crowd went wild. I knew then that these 2 very fine songwriters would be around for a long time!

Flash forward 18 years, I'm feeling old at moments, (I can only imagine how they feel now into their 40's), they've released 8 studio albums with one on the way in the Fall, and its another cool, breezy summer evening. Same band, different coast, and a VERY different and much larger crowd. The show was again amazing, only to be capped off by the unexpected appearance of the most underrated, Vonda Shepard who sang with Emily '"Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow". Yeah - that song broke my heart slow. OHH WEE!!!

We got to the Santa Monica Pier early, around 6 (the show started at 7.30p) and staked our claim on our space. Unfortunately as expected, though we tried to remain optimistic, we got trampled by the rude f**** that are the LA crowd. We got stepped on, we had lawn chairs put up against backs and had to deal with johnny come lately's standing very tall in front of us. It seems the folks in front of us (who should have just rented out the whole pier) decided to save room for everyone of their freakin' friends from the last 10 years of their lives. It was really rude that minutes before the Indigo Girls went on stage 3 very large people appeared in front of us. Just when I was thinking I had a good spot, they appeared and proceeded to talk throughout the ENTIRE show. They weren't even the only ones. This is very typical LA audience and I'm just sick of it. No wonder performers don't like playing here. The audience doesn't give a shit that they are up there.

While this was a free show I have been to too many shows that I have paid for with my hard earned and not always easy to come by money. When I go to a show I am there to see and hear the person on stage, not the f****** yahoo talking, or singing very loudly behind, next to, or anywhere in the room. Joan Armatrading made a rare showing at The House of Blues and all I heard was this fatass and his girlfriend behind us yammering loudly on and on, AND the annoying chick to our right who sang along to EVERY song. LOUDLY. I didn't pay to hear YOU sing, I paid to hear Joan "I don't play in LA very often, if ever" Armatrading, and Shawn Mullins, and Richard Thompson, Five For Fighting, Jamie Cullum, Julia Fordham, Edwin McCain, Patty Larkin....the list goes on and on. Basically every show I've ever seen in LA I have had to deal with people who don't seem to care that they are at a live show. What is their problem? Are they THAT self important to think that others want to hear what THEY have to say? You can't whisper? Or better yet, wait until the show is over? UNBELIEVABLE. I got news for you - this isn't your living room, and you aren't the only person at this show! Have a little respect, not only for your fellow audience members, but for the performer up on stage who is giving their heart and soul who can, by the way, hear you! (Sound rises people!!).

You may ask...why not move spots? Why not find a better seat? It's not always an option. Usually we have gotten there first and by the time the yahoos come by its too late to move. Also, it's not easy to escape when it's crowded - and usually, this being LA, they are everywhere! Closer to fine? NOT these audiences!!!

Thanks for tuning in...Until next monday...Cheers!!!

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