31 July 2006

Play us a slow song

If you've ever spent time in LA and turned on the radio in your rental you know what I mean when I say that radio in this town SUCKS!! For a land that is full of record companies and too many wanna be signed musicians (myself included) one would think that LA would be on the front lines of good radio. Not true. We had some cool stations - but they went mexican - as if they have a lot of disposable income to spend.

What we have on the airwaves here is mostly dreck. We're talking too much dance/hip hop and too much top 40 repeating crap! For example, we have a station a 'Mix' if you want to call it, that plays "No Doubt" every hour on the miserable hour. I get it, they're from Orange County and therefor are the 'pride' of the land for making it big, but c'mon, enough already! Though I will say when we were in Hawaii last year they did the same thing to Jack Johnson. Somehow I find him easier to stomach than Gwen Stefani's 'pardon me for sounding like crap i have a cold' voice. I think you get the point.

How do I solve this dearth of good vibes on the airwaves? Simple. I listen to the internet. Yep. I was heartbroken when I moved out here and couldn't listen to my beloved WXRV out of Boston. Years passed and as the internet became more accessible I discovered that many stations were simulcasting on the 'net. This has saved my ears! To go at once from playing The Clash to Joni Mitchell to Jamie Cullum is a godsend! I need to hear a diverse mix of music to keep my A.D.D. brain from turning the channel, and tuning out. Some call this kind of mix 'eclectic radio'. I call it refreshing, mind awakening, and downright good! It's almost better than putting my ipod on because these stations will play the newest track from Dar Williams, or Dashboard Confessional, all in one fell swoop. So as Joe Jackson says: 'Play us a slow song....' or at least every once in awhile.

Here is a list of some of my favourite radio stations that can be found on the 'net or on itunes: www.wxrv.com; www.wehm.com; www.wmvy.com; www.wfuv.org; www.wbos.com. There are so many great stations out there, too many to list, so if you have some time have a look around on the 'net or itunes.

Thanks for tuning in....Until next monday...CHEERS!!

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